DIY Umbrella Stand

DIY Umbrella Stand

Umbrellas are a must-have for everyone. Though not all realize it, it’s genuinely beneficial for protection

You can use it to give yourself a shade while walking along the streets with the scorching sun heat or keep yourself dry amidst the rain. Therefore, an umbrella is indeed necessary.

However, if you’ve got umbrellas, you should also have an umbrella stand as well. You may not tend to see its importance, but it truly is one.

Having an umbrella stand will give you a specific area to store your umbrella and easily find them when needed. It will also spare everyone from sliding on a slippery floor due to the dripping water from the wet umbrella. 

If this sounds of particular interest, here are some ideas of an umbrella stand that you can easily make on your own. Not only will it save you money, but it will also improve the look of your entrance area. 

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Why Have An Umbrella Stand?

Sonotube Umbrella Stand

Yes, it’s true that not every home has an umbrella stand.

Some homeowners tend to overlook having one because they think that it’s not necessary. Well, here are some reasons why you should have one:

For Storage

Have you experienced looking for something so badly yet not finding it due to lack of organization?

Well, having an umbrella stand will save you from that dilemma. Due to the small size of umbrellas, they tend to be placed just anywhere around the house. That’s why they usually get lost almost all the time.

However, when you have an umbrella stand beside your entrance door, it will give you a specific area where to put and store your umbrella every after use. When you need one, you know that it’s just beside your door.

To Minimize Slippery Floors

Yes, umbrellas used on a rainy day can be dripping wet after use. Because of this, it might cause the water to run towards the entrance floor, causing it to be slippery.

However, if you have an umbrella stand, it will catch all the water that will drip out from the wet umbrella, thus, keeping everyone safe from sliding due to it.

Why Make Your Own?

Though you can easily find umbrella stands in stores, there are still beneficial reasons why do it yourself. Here are as follows:

Save Money

Yes, you’ve heard it right!

By making your own, you can save money. Umbrella stands can be pricey at times. However, you can reuse items in your home when you make your own, thus saving a dime.

Aesthetics Purposes

If you’re design-savvy, you will for sure look for umbrella stands that will match the vibe of your home. Because it will be positioned at the entrance area, it should not be an eye-sore but something that will complement the look of your home.

Doing it yourself can give you the freedom to choose a design, color it according to your preference, and match it to your home’s feel.

Recycling Purposes

If you have unused trash cans, old buckets, or PVC pipes, you can definitely remodel them and use them as an umbrella stand. Not only will you be able to save money from it, but save mother-earth as well. 

DIY Umbrella Stand Ideas

Old Paint Bucket Umbrella Stand

Trash Can Umbrella Stand

We all have used trash bins as storage containers one way or another. Well, we can also use trash cans as an umbrella stand. These bins are cheap yet durable and sold in many designs and materials.

They are also very superior when it comes to utilizing it as an umbrella stand as it doesn’t have holes underneath to hold the water from the wet umbrella. They also have a wide opening that’s perfect to put the umbrella with ease. 

Sonotube Umbrella Stand

Another hack that you can do is to use sonotubes. These are construction tubes made from cardboard to where concrete is poured to make solid cylinder-shaped concrete pillars.

You can easily buy them in hardware stores. Simply decorate it with whatever design that will match your home, and you can effortlessly have an umbrella stand of your own. 

Cylindrical Flower Vase Umbrella Stand

Have you seen tall flower vases in garden centers?

You can practically use those as an umbrella stand. Tall galvanized plant buckets are very ideal to be utilized as an umbrella stand. However, make sure to paint the lower part with oil-based enamel paint to disguise possible rusts caused by the water drippings. 

Old Paint Bucket Umbrella Stand

Have you got big old paint buckets? If yes, you can certainly reuse them as an umbrella stand. Make sure to wash it thoroughly to prevent a stain on your umbrella. You can either paint the whole body or cover it with an abaca rope for a more rustic look.

PVC Pipe Umbrella Stand

If you got leftover PVC pipes from your recent plumbing project, make good use of them by reusing them as an umbrella stand.

Simply cut them into pieces about 1 1/2 feet tall. You can paint them to whatever color you prefer and attach a base to catch all the water. Lastly, group them together using glue or a ribbon. 

Mailbox Umbrella Stand

If you have an old mailbox at home, that can also be a good and nifty alternative to an umbrella stand. If you prefer to change its design, you can sand and repaint it. Simply prop it vertically, with the opening positioned on top. A very rustic umbrella stand indeed!


An umbrella stand is mostly outlooked and not needed. However, it’s equally important to an umbrella. Not only will it give you the proper area or umbrella storage, but it will also give you ease in looking when you need to use one.

Not only that, it will spare you from wetting your floor that might cause unwanted accidents and pose a hazard of slipping. Therefore, it’s definitely a must-have!

Whether you want your creativity to flourish or you have unused items at home that need to be recycled, making it your own is indeed an excellent solution to have one.

Considering the different DIY umbrella stand ideas will help you have that umbrella stand that will match your home and fit your budget.

Happy DYing!

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