DIY Bar Table

DIY Bar Table

Some homeowners usually miss out on bar tables due to their name, which dictates a specific function.

However, you can undoubtedly make good practical use of a bar table. Whether it’s for design to create a striking look in your home or for functionality that helps in the kitchen preparation, this type of table can definitely play a significant role. 

However, bar tables can be costly, especially when it’s made from high-quality materials. Sometimes, the available items in the stores do not match the vibe of your home, which isn’t ideal for aesthetics. That’s why some people resort to making it their own.

Doing so will not only save you money, but you’ll have the freedom concerning design and size. 

If this sounds of particular interest to you, check out this in-depth guide about bar tables and learn the step-by-step guide on how to make one.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Why Make Your Own?

Why Make Your Own?

Yes, bar tables are mostly accessible in many stores nowadays. However, making your own is also beneficial in some ways. Here’s why:

Save cash

With how tough money-making is nowadays, no one would ever refuse a chance to save a dime. Though you can easily purchase a ready-made bar table from the stores near you, making one is still way cheaper. If your budget is not a premium right now, a DIY bar table is a solution to your problem. 


Have you been looking everywhere yet ended up frustrated because you did not find the design you envisioned in your head that will match the vibe of your home? A DIY bar table will give you the freedom to choose any design and color you like.


Do you have scrap pieces of wood in your home? Well, it’s time to recycle them and make good use of them. Not only can you save a good amount of cash, but it will also save mother earth.

Practical Uses Of A Bar Table

Many people think that a bar table is solely meant for bars. However, keep in mind that you can actually use a bar table for various practical reasons. Take a look at some:

  • For Kitchen Storage And Preparation – Because of its narrow profile and tall height, a bar table can help kitchen preparation. This can serve as an island table ideal for chopping and preparing the ingredients.
  • A Wall Table Or Sideboard – Do you have a long empty wall in your hallway or an open space? Consider placing a bar table there. It can be used as a books display area or an informal dining spot. 
  • Console Table – If you have a tall couch at home, a bar table can certainly work well with it. Not only will it fit on tight spaces, but it also gives you an area to store your lamp, plants, and other accessories. 
  • As A Bar – Most people are so used to using a bar table as a food corner in the patio for a small gathering. However, you can also use your bar table as a minibar to store cocktails, bottles, and glasses. 
  • Entrance Table – Last but not least, you can also use a bar table as an entrance table. This will be a very functional yet decorative area as you come and leave the house. You can place small bowls on it to place your keys in it. Modify the look by putting on message boards or hanging decorative items above it.

Steps On How To Make DIY Bar Table

Steps On How To Make DIY Bar Table

Making your own bar table can be pretty tricky to imagine, but is undoubtedly doable with the help of the step-by-step guide below.

Here’s how:

Prepare Your Materials

In every project, preparation is the key

Therefore, it would be crucial to make sure that you prepare all the materials needed before the actual work starts. Here are the following materials to help you get the job done:

  • Wood
  • Plywood (for the tabletop)
  • Hacksaw
  • Measuring Tape
  • Claw Hammer
  • Carpenter Square
  • Sanding Block
  • Nails
  • Pencil
  • Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Gloves

Get The Dimension

Now that you have prepared all the things you need, it would best help first plan your bar table design and measurement.

This is what will guide you along the process of making one. Standard bar tables are usually 48x24x42 in size. However, DIYing gives you the freedom to have your own size, depending on your preferences.

Cut The Pieces

Based on the dimensions that you have listed earlier, start measuring your wood accordingly. Make sure to use the nicest pieces of wood for the tabletop. Mark the boards as to where you need to make the cut using the measuring tape, carpenter square , and pencil. 

Check if the following are present:

  • 2x2x42 inches for the legs (4pcs)
  • 2x2x48 inches for the frame (2pcs)
  • 2x2x21 inches for the frame (2pcs)
  • 2x2x21 inches for the middle support (1pc)
  • 24×48 plywood for the top

Assemble The Parts

Now that you have cut all the pieces, assembling them will be the next thing to do. Connect the table frame first, which are the 2x2x48″ pieces of wood, to 2x2x21″ ones.

You will basically form a rectangular-shaped structure. Insert the one-piece 2x2x21″ wood in the center of the frame as a middle support. As soon as you have secured the frame, you can now attach the legs by nailing the 2x2x42″ pieces of wood, one on each corner.

By this time, your table structure is now very obvious. The final step in assembling is to install the 24×48″ plywood and secure it with nails.

Final Sanding

You should do a quick sanding to smooth out the wood and break all the edges.

This step may be simple but is very crucial so that users won’t get scratched by the table during use. This will also give that smooth and plain look to your paint.

Paint Your Piece

Last but not least is to paint your craft. Make sure to choose a color that will match the vibe of your home.

You can either stain it for a more natural look or pick a color to intensify and make it stand out.


Indeed, bar tables can be very beneficial in every home. Not only does it elevate the aesthetics of your home, but it also gives you the functionality of storage and utility. Therefore, you want it the best.

Creating your own work of art is a tough job. However, it saves you money, allows you to recycle, and gives you the freedom to design your own craft to match your home. 

Considering the tips and tricks in this guide will definitely help you achieve a beautiful DIY bar table!

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